CPR Delaware is Expanding!

Here’s the bad news:
Our business, CPR Delaware, was blindsided by the American Heart Association’s (AHA’s) sudden increase in the cost of certification cards. Effective October 3rd, the AHA increased the cost without warning. This increase has forced our hand in adjusting the price structure of all of our certification material. We are doing our best with the “cards” that we have been dealt. We realize that you may be as disappointed with the American Heart Association. We are as well. We have done our best to request that they reverse this decision, and they refuse.

Here’s the GREAT news:
We value your business, and we have sought alternative certification providers to offer other options (other than the AHA). We have become certified instructors for both the American Red Cross and HSI. Both of which are nationally accredited organizations and widely accepted by state licensing boards. We are excited and consider this as an opportunity to expand our business.

Here’s the even BETTER news:
Both the American Red Cross and HSI classes are more cost effective.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.
Thank you very much for remaining our loyal customers.

American Red Cross (ARC)
Authorized Training Center

American Health & Safety Institute (HSI)
Authorized Training Center

American Heart Association (AHA)
Authorized Training Center